IV International Congress

Sustainability, Employability and Internationalization: these are the topics that will be addressed at the IV International Congress promoted by Acinnet Network, which is open for registration! The event will take place between 11 and 21 May 2018 in the city of Porto, Portugal, and will be attended by delegations from countries in South America and Europe.

In this edition will be offered lectures, presentation of scientific articles, cultural activities, and sightseeing. The Congress will take place at the headquarters of the Polytechnic of Porto – PP.

Grupo Unis offers a package in the amount of R $ 6,996, which can be divided into 12 interest-free installments with installments of R $ 583,00 on the check or card, this value being exclusive to the first 30 registrations. The package includes: airfare, travel insurance, 2-star hotel accommodation with breakfast, transfer VGA / Airport / VGA and Airport / Hotel / Airport, travel card for public transport in Porto and participation in the Congress with international certification.

Student enrollment may be done at any unit of Your Time, while employees may complete the application process at the Department of International Relations at the University City. Vacancies are limited!

More information can be obtained by contacts:

Phones: (35) 99818-3831 or (35) 3219-5084

Email: ri@unis.edu.br

About Porto

The city, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was three times voted the best European destination of the year (2012, 2014 and 2017) by features such as good reception infrastructure, existence of tourist circuits, transport networks and city tours, vast gastronomy. especially regarding wines, valued tourist center, strong industrial dynamism, etc.

About Acinnet

Established in 2014, the Academic International Network (Acinnet) is a private, non-profit, educational association of Higher Education Institutions from South America and Europe with the aim of facilitating and encouraging international cooperation. . Among its objectives are to coordinate and execute activities involving teaching programs and international events in the educational field, supporting the initiatives of formation and continuous education of the population to which its associated entities are inserted. The Network believes that academic mobility programs stimulate the evolution of society and seek partnerships in the field of innovation and research, with the aim of widening the frontier of human knowledge and promoting its practical applications for the benefit of society.

Grupo Unis


"Formar pessoas socialmente responsáveis, nas diferentes áreas do conhecimento, contribuindo para o desenvolvimento das regiões em que atua".


"Até 2023, ser um grupo educacional empreendedor que, mediante práticas inovadoras e tecnológicas capazes de assegurar educação de qualidade, se destaca por oportunizar experiências internacionais à sua gente, visando prepará-la para uma nova economia."

Valores Institucionais

I. Prestabilidade - habilidade de entender os problemas e dificuldades dos outros e responder de forma positiva.
II. Excelência - capacidade de atingir a eficácia (resultados) através da melhor eficiência (processo) gerando a qualidade expectada.
III. Inovação - capacidade de implementar novas soluções que melhorem a excelência institucional.


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