Varginha’s Law already has its first student in international exchange


Student Jeniffer Tardioli de Menezes is the first student of the Unis Law School in Varginha to undertake an exchange program.

The course opened in 2022 and Jeniffer has already been selected to attend a semester at the Universidad Autónoma de Encarnación, in Paraguay. The student started her international studies last month and reports her experience:

Since I was very young, I imagined studying abroad and having the experience of an exchange. I have always loved English, but I never imagined that I would need Spanish, like that, out of the blue! My experience with this exchange was completely unexpected. I just saw the notice and thought: “why not”?

It was a few anxious days until the final result came out and a few more anxious months after I was selected. Now I’m here, in Encarnación, Paraguay, taking a semester of law at UNAE and having the most incredible experience of my life.

The University is one of the most prestigious in Paraguay, it has an incredible infrastructure and qualified professors. I’m loving every bit of this place! This exchange is giving me autonomy and increasing my sense of responsibility even more.

For those who arrived knowing just how to say “Hola, how about that?” My Spanish has already evolved a lot. Despite the cultural and linguistic shock, I’m counting on wonderful people I’ve met here who are helping me. The process has been beautiful and I can’t wait to go through this whole experience and come here to tell you about it!

Incarnation is pure history. It is a beautiful, peaceful city with breathtaking landscapes. The University, you must see it! Cultural fairs, lectures, International Congresses, charlas, the largest and most complete library in the region. Not to mention the culture, the famous mate, tererê, cocido, the best empanadas and chipas (the last one won my heart!).

If I can leave a final message with this story, it’s: don’t be afraid! If the journey is worth it, imagine the arrival? To grow you need to take risks and try new things. The route to your destination is charted by you!

In October, the International Relations sector will open registration for participation, in the first half of 2023, in the UNAE exchange program, in Paraguay, and in several other countries.

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