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Academic Mobility Program (Out going)

The Unis Group’s International Academic Mobility Program was created to provide qualification opportunities for its students and teachers by conducting academic and professional experiences abroad.

The Unis Group, through the agreements signed with foreign higher education institutions, offers the realization of the mobility program, as well as receives foreign students from different nationalities. This is a way of ensuring the qualification, internationalization and insertion of Unis Group in the panorama of national and international higher education institutions.

This program offers, in particular to its students, the possibility to develop academic activities abroad in different modalities. Students may choose to undertake part of their undergraduate studies at an institution participating in the Program. This period may vary from one semester to one year, and upon return the student may have the credits reused by their home institution.

The important thing is that the student can enjoy an international academic experience, combining personal experience with professional skills developed in another country. The insertion in a new culture, living with people of other nationalities, immersion in a foreign language ensure that the experience of leaving Brazil can be unforgettable and will mark the trajectory of academics, making them more competitive and better prepared for the challenges of the world. Global market.



Universities offer vacancies of international academic mobility to Unis Group students at the beginning of each academic semester for the subsequent semester.

In the months of February / March and August / September, the vacancies offered by partner universities are disclosed to all students through the Unis Group website, Social Networks (Facebook Unis international relations) and also in the classrooms.

How to participate?

The student must access the Announcements available on the Unis Group portal and register for the selection process, which will take place according to the information provided.

Development Locations

Students applying to the Unis Group’s International Academic Mobility Program may choose between the participating institutions. You should also consider whether it offers the same undergraduate course as the institution of origin or at least that the course chosen for the exchange is related areas of knowledge.

The affiliated institutions allow academic mobility with subsequent use of studies abroad.

Program Duration

The International Academic Mobility Program allows students to stay from one semester to one year, developing activities abroad. These activities should

be approved by analyzing and matching academic calendars, noting the differences in the start and end dates of the academic periods of the affiliated institutions. This should be observed so that the exchange does not adversely affect the organization of students’ academic life when they return to Brazil.

Calendar of European Universities

Beginning in  End in January
Beginning in february  End in June

University of South America Calendar

Beginning in march End in July
Beginning in august End in

North American Universities Calendar

Beginning in august End in December
Beginning in january May end

Student Assignments


The exchange student should be aware that he / she is primarily responsible for the decision to participate in the International Academic Mobility Program and, therefore, must carefully observe all procedures for its completion, from choosing the country, delivering documents, until your return to Brazil.

The primary assignment of the student is to understand that as an absolutely individual process, each student must personally follow the entire process, from the correct presentation of the documents for enrollment in the exchanges, to the completion of the program and the submission of the final reports, either to the use of studies with credit transfer or not.

Throughout the exchange period the student is responsible for the decisions that are made, especially those concerning his or her academic life at the institution of destination.

The script of steps that must be observed by the student is:

  1. As soon as the International Academic Mobility Program Selection notice is opened, the interested student should read it carefully and be aware of the application deadline and exam date.
  2. If the student is selected, he / she should immediately contact the International Relations Department to receive guidance on the necessary documentation, such as: passport, visa, Unis Application Form and Commitment Form, and completion of UNIS documentation. foreign institution. It is noteworthy that each institution may request different procedures.
  3. Once the documentation is ready, the student should obtain the final opinion of the course coordinator, indicating the possibility of taking advantage of credits abroad when returning to Brazil. The documentation must be delivered to the Department of International Relations, always observing the deadlines for delivery of documents.
  4. When the exchange is authorized by the institution of destination, the student should organize for its realization, and participation in the orientation meeting is essential.
  5. The student must submit the completed and signed Application Form and Commitment Term to the Department of International Relations.
  6. Upon arrival at the institution of destination, the student must attend the office of international relations in order to formalize their exchange and proceed to regularization of enrollment.

It is also the student’s responsibility to gather all documentation related to the subjects studied abroad and that will be used by the home institution. Basically the student should ask the host institution to provide the following original, signed and duly signed letterheads:

  • List of subjects attended at the destination institution
  • Syllabus of each subject – Evaluation obtained
  • Number of Credits
  • Workload

7. During the exchange, the student has a responsibility to maintain permanent contact with his / her home institution in order to keep current information on the current stage, especially if any changes to the initial proposal are made. Communication should be made with the Department of International Relations.

8. Upon returning to the country of origin, the student should contact the Department of International Relations and later attend His / her turn to request his / her return to the course and the use of the subjects studied abroad, provided with the documents listed in the previous item.

General Requirements to Participate in the Program

Every student in the Unis Group may participate in the International Academic Mobility Program. Just be regularly enrolled in some institution course and participate in the selection processes. However, the Unis Group, in order to prioritize the academic excellence of exchange programs, will observe whether the student meets the following prerequisites:

  1. To be regularly enrolled in a course offered by the Unis Group.Participate in the selection process.
  2. Have command of the language of the destination country (if requested by the host institution)
  3. Present an appropriate academic profile with the requirements to represent the institution abroad.
  4. Meet the specific requirements that may be requested by different foreign higher education institutions, such as exams of knowledge of specific areas.
  5. Be up to date with your financial situation with the Unis Group.


The student is fully responsible for organizing the documents to be presented at both the Unis Group and the foreign higher education institution. The validity, legality and punctuality in the delivery of documents are the sole responsibility of the students, as they are personal and non-transferable documents.

The basic documentation that must be presented to participate in the International Academic Mobility Program is as follows:

a. Graduate school transcript updated;

b. Commitment term;

c. Copy of passport;

d. Proof of foreign language proficiency (when requested);

e. Application form for participation in the International Academic Mobility Program;

f. Study plan to be carried out at the foreign higher education institution.

Proficiency in Foreign Languages

Proof of proficiency in a foreign language may be required by the foreign institution, so when this is the case, the student must submit it along with the other documents to the Department of International Relations, which will forward to the destination institution.

Term of Commitment

Every student applying for the International Academic Mobility Program must be sure of the commitments they will be making to themselves, but above all to their institution and their country. He will be constantly representing the Unis Group while participating in the Program. To this end, the student is invited to sign a Term of Commitment, defining the obligations and responsibilities that he / she assumes to act correctly in the host institution, above all taking advantage of the opportunities offered and multiplying the results, with a view to strengthening exchanges. The student will be aware of the damage they will have if they have to leave the program, as well as the institutional damage that misconduct may cause.

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