Virtual Academic Mobility – Incoming 2021/2

The International Academic Mobility Program for foreign students was created with the aim of offering qualification opportunities for young people who want to enjoy an intercultural experience, living with the Brazilian reality during a certain period of their university life. This is done through academic and professional experiences in Brazil, thus fulfilling the desire to have an international experience.

The Unis Group, through bilateral collaboration agreements, signed with foreign higher education institutions and, through participation in international academic cooperation networks, can receive students from five continents to participate in the Mobility Program, once it is a candidate for receive foreign students from the most diverse nationalities and countries.

Virtual Academic Mobility was created with the aim of providing online internationalization opportunities, allowing foreign students, even from their country, to have access to classes in another language, either in Portuguese or English, and to have contact with Brazilian students and from other countries. While studying the subjects related to his original course.

The Virtual Academic Mobility Program is a way of guaranteeing institutional qualification, through constant curricular innovation, and the insertion of the university in the panorama of higher education institutions, national and foreign, that have opted for the internationalization process, even in the periods in which that it is not. possible that the foreign student is personally in our institution.

General requirements to participate in the International Academic Mobility Program

Any student belonging to any of the foreign institutions affiliated with the Unis Group is invited to participate in the International Academic Mobility Program, as long as they are regularly enrolled at their home institution. However, some basic requirements will guide the foreign student on the most appropriate time for them to be able to meet the international requirements for participation in exchange programs of this nature. Check if the student meets the following prerequisites:

  1. be regularly enrolled in a course offered by the partner institution;
  2. present an adequate academic profile;
  3. present a profile appropriate to an international experience;
  4. be aware of the housing norms and academic norms and commit to fully comply with them;
  5. meet the specific requirements eventually requested by different programs, such as knowledge exams in specific areas.


The foreign student is fully responsible for organizing the documents he / she must present to the Unis Group. The validity, legality and punctuality in the delivery of documents are the sole responsibility of the student, since they are personal and non-transferable documents.

The basic documentation that must be submitted to participate in the International Academic Mobility Program observes the following relationship:

  1. Registration form for foreign students, in which the subjects that will be taken at Unis must be listed;
  2. Proof of proficiency in Portuguese (if any);
  3. Term of commitment – Academic and Internship / Research Standards signed.

Deadlines for registration

Applications for the Unis Group’s International Academic Mobility Program must be made according to the schedule provided by the Department of International Relations.

  1.     Until November 15 for students who wish to exchange in the first academic semester in the Southern Hemisphere, which usually starts in February;
  2.     Until May 15 for students who wish to exchange in the second academic semester of the Southern Hemisphere, which usually starts in August.

Acceptance term

After analyzing the foreign student’s documents and, upon confirmation of approval for the exchange, the Department of International Relations will send a correspondence to the sector in charge of international relations at the student’s home university, confirming his acceptance to participate in the Program. This document is official and can be used for presentation to the Brazilian authorities to obtain a temporary student visa.

Portuguese Proficiency

Foreign students who want to participate in the Unis Group’s International Academic Mobility Program must present a certificate of proficiency in Portuguese in order to be able to successfully follow the disciplines of undergraduate courses.

If students do not have a Portuguese language proficiency certificate, they can participate in Portuguese language classes in the Unis Group partner language courses.

For more information access:


Online Subjects 2021-1

Application Form

Fact Sheet



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